RDS is an authorized re seller of Radcomm portal monitor systems and handheld units.

Scrap and Foundry:

Radcomm Produces 5 main systems for the Scrap and Foundry Industries. 4 systems are the traditional side by side detector system. These systems come in two different sizes. The size of the system is usually determined by the what type of scale it is going to be placed on. The smaller of the two sizes is 69 liters (4210 cubic inches) and is typically appropriate for truck and peddler scales, while the larger of the two is 138 liters (8421 cubic inches) and is usually placed on rail systems, however they have also been placed on truck scales at sites that are considered high risk, such as ports or foundries. Radcomm portal monitors run one of two software types, the first being the 2000 series, and the second being the 4000 series software. The 2000 series software is considered to be their baseline software, while the 4000 series is more advanced, featuring a larger range of energy detection, and specialized algorithms that make it approximately 20% more efficient then the 2000 series. Radcomm combimes the software designation with the system size to determine the model number, as such the four systems are labeled as RC2069, RC4069, RC2138, and RC4138.

The 5th is a more specialized system designated as the “Cricket” and is designed to be mounted onto crane grapples and scan the material as the crane either unloads or loads containers or rail cars.