Ludlum Measurements offers a wide variety of both handheld and portal monitor style systems for both Scrap and Waste facilities.


The 4525 line of radiation portal monitors is the most common Ludlum portal monitor found at both scrap and foundry facilities. The 4525 series all include the same  the same software package and are remote service capable, but comes with a variety of different detector sizes. Scrap facilities should consider purchasing the 4525-5000 system. With 5000 cubic inches of detection it is capable of dealing with both peddlers and the higher density loads of Semi trucks. Foundries and scrap yards at port facilities should get the larger 4525-7000 system. With 40 percent more detection area the 4525-7000 provides an added level of scan accuracy to prevent  sources from being melted or sent overseas. For facilities that ship or receive scrap via rail cars the 4525-14000 is ideal. With a total of 14000 cubic inches split between 4 detector panels, the 4525-14000 is capable of picking up small sources despite the heavy shielding offered by the density of rail car loads.


Waste Facilities looking to buy a new Radiation Portal monitor should purchase one of the 3500 series systems. The 3500 series comes in two main variants the 3500-1000 and the 3500-3000. the 3500-1000 provides a basic level of detection capability that fulfills the needs of the waste industry. The 3500-3000 is a scaled up version of the 3500-1000 system and is appropriate for  Waste facilities that have stricter then normal requirements.