Site Assessments ensure that that the customer knows what type of radiation detector they should get based on their site. A trained technician walks around the site with the customer to discuss the site specific needs and address any questions the customer may have regarding radiation detectors along with any other concerns the customer may have. A quote will be provided at the request of the customer within 24 hours of the site assessment.

For sites that dont have any systems RDS addresses:

1.What type of system(s) is needed based off the material the site has and how it arrives onsite (truck, rail,etc.)
2.Where the system(s) should be placed to be most effective
3.Any concerns that the client may have regarding procedure, operation, maintenance, etc.

For sites with existing systems RDS looks at addresses:

1.If the systems onsite are considered to be appropriate for the application
2.How to position the systems the site already has to provide maximum efficiency
3.What additional equipment the site could get (if any) to maximize their detection capability
4.Discuss ways to make sure the systems are kept working at their most efficient